Blogger or Wordpress : Which to Choose?

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Blogger or Wordpress Which to Choose

Well, to be really honest, Blogger vs Wordpress is a never ending debate since the pros and cons of both the blogging platforms, when weighed together, are almost equal. So today we shall list them out in simple way so that you can decide which to choose for your blogging career.

As you know, blogger and wordpress are content management systems, the former from internet giant Google and the latter is open-source community developed. However, they are basically used for blogging but there are lot of differences when we see the core, operations and functionality.

Blogger vs Wordpress

Pros of using Blogger Platform

  • Free for Lifetime!
  • No server downtime issues as blogs are hosted on Google Servers
  • Very Easy and User-Friendly
  • Easy Modification to design by knowing simple HTML and CSS
  • In-built Stats

Cons of Blogger Platform

  • Blog can be taken down by Google at any time!
  • Limited Scripts support (No PHP)
  • Limited Flexibility
  • No custom structure for permalink
  • Limited Search Engine Optimization
  • No support for platform independent sub-pages/sub-folders

Pros of using Wordpress Platform

  • Extremely Flexible and highly customizeable
  • Powerful Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • You own your content, no one can take it down
  • Support for most of the scripting languages (host dependent)
  • Custom permalink structure
  • Platform independent sub-folders and sub-pages can be created

Cons of Wordpress

  • Web Hosting Required! Not free.
  • Not very user friendly when compared to blogger
  • Customization requires programming knowledge
  • With hosting comes server downtime issues
  • Hacking possible in some rare cases
  • Hard to debug errors or add additional functionality

Well, these are not ALL. This is just a limited list which highlights the major issues and my no means limited to just these.

So Blogger or Wordpress?

What we suggest is, if you are just beginning in the blogging arena, then go with blogger and build your empire for a while. When the income is sufficient, migrate your blog to wordpress (it is an easy task).

If you are already a established blogger, then just close your eyes and go with Wordpress. Even though blogger is Google hosted, when we talk in the long run, Wordpress is far more better than blogger.

That's it...! Come back for more :)


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