How to Install Blogger Templates

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Install Blogger Templates

Since blogger is a free service from Google, most of the bloggers out there who can't afford for web-hosting or just want to be simple, go for blogger to host their blogs. With millions of blogs already hosted, blogger is one of the most used blogging platform. So, today we shall see how to install a custom template on a blogger blog.

The method is fairly simple and requires just 10 seconds and no coding. We shall go step by step.

Install Custom Blogger Templates

Install Blogger Templates Step 1

Step 1 : Logging In

Login into your Blogger account by going to

Step 2 : Navigate to Template Page

In the drop down menu, select 'Template'. (See the Image for reference) -->

Step 3 : Back Up Old Template

On the top right, click on 'Backup / Restore' and in the screen which pops up, press 'Download full Template' button to back-up your present template.
Install Blogger Templates Step 2

Step 4 : Install New Template

In the same screen, now click on 'Choose File' and select your blogger template file (Eg : blogger-template.xml) and then press 'Upload'

Step 5 : Keep Old Widgets Intact

If it asks whether to Keep or Delete your current widgets, select 'Keep widgets' so that you don't lose any of your widgets.

Step 6 : Successfully Installed

There is no Step 6. Your template is installed and you may check out your blog now.

How to Replace Backed Up Template

Follow the same steps till Step 4. And in Step 4 when you press 'Choose File', select the backed up xml file which you downloaded before installing the present template and carry on with the next steps.

That's it! Come back for more... :)


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