Simple Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

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Simple Ways to Get More Traffic to Websites and Blogs

If you are reading this, then I'm sure you own a website or a blog and it has some amount of traffic or no traffic. Without any traffic, a website is like an abandoned house where nothing happens! (I don't believe in ghosts) Well, traffic is the most important thing that a website must have in order to build an empire around it  and get some income through it. If you are an affiliate marketer than without traffic you are not a affiliate marketer, you are just a guy with a product at hand. In order to get leads and make some sales you need huge traffic. That's right Huge Traffic = Some Sales. So today we shall discuss some simple ways of generating more traffic to your blog or website with a little investment of time.

More Traffic to your Websites and Blogs

Interesting, Amusing and Short yet Informative Content

If you want people to visit your site then you must have something that can hook them to your site. Content should be both user-friendly and search engine friendly. From the search engine you get organic traffic, well, here the organisms are humans if you get it, and to make these organisms return to your site without the search engine next time, your content must have these factors.

Inter-linking Articles of your Site

This is most important and many of the authors don't do it. Inter-linking of article means, linking from one article to another article (of the same topic) of your own site and this must be done within the content of the article. So when readers read your article, he will click on the link and read that article too and another link on that article will lead him to another article. That'll give your site traffic a boost

Website or Blog Design

This is something to be very careful of. If a site's design and topic don't match then say goodbye to your traffic. The first judgement your visitors do is by looking at the design and layout of your website. If you have a broken layout or just junk ads here and there, then you'll surely piss them off.

Social Networking

The power of social media is undoubtedly the best. If you don't share your articles on all your social media profiles, then you are missing a big chunk of traffic. Create social pages for your website on major social sites, publicize it, get people to come, post your updates there and pull your visitors in! :)

Well, these are just simple ways to increase your traffic and if you have got that impressive writing skills, then this will give you a huge traffic boost. And if you go for even more advanced techniques like advertising and other stuff, then traffic won't be a problem for you and you won't come back to this page! Take care people.


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