Get the most out of using Pebble Watch (Part 1)

Posted by Admin on 5/3/13 at 4:23 PM in
Making most out of Pebble

We have just received our Pebble watch yesterday. First impression is its light weight but plasticky. The watch band is not really something we expect it to be, but the Pebble watch band can be replaced easily by any 22mm watch band from any local store or online store.

So, now the big question:

How do we get the most out of using Pebble watch ?

1. Replace the band

First thing first, we hate to say this. But we don't fancy the band that comes with it. However, as mentioned earlier the Pebble watch band can be replaced easily by any 22 mm sized strap. Several online stores are already stocking the watch band for Pebble.

When choosing the watch band you always have to keep in mind that Pebble itself is light weight, so we don't feel attaching stainless steel strap with Pebble will be a good match. Stick to nylon or leather are still the best combination.

2. Automation

This is why most of us get Pebble for: Automation. Pebble itself is already a good watch to be paired with your IOS & Android. Music playing, Phone, sms and other notifications are already working out of the box. List of IOS and Android apps that are currently support Pebble are also growing.

Here's the list of IOS Apps for Pebble and Android apps for Pebble. Just ensure you read the information before loading to your Pebble to avoid bricking your Pebble :)

3. Custom automation

As of the time of this writing, Pebble has not yet released direct notification to Pebble. It might be some time for the Pebble SDK to be stable. Even the promised IFTTT and Pebble integration is still not yet completed.

However, you can tackle this using Pushover. Pushover allows notifications for your IOS as well as Android phones. You can use IFTTT combined with Pushover to create cool tasks that forward to your Pebble watch. For example sending notification to Pushover whenever new post in this blog is published such our IFTTT recipe

For the geeks, Pushover provides APIs to let you create your own notifications directly to the Pushover and hence forwarded to your Pebble. The API is quite straight forward to implement and I'm sure lots out you out there have lots of ideas to use the API with Pebble :) 

To forward the notification from Pushover in IOS, you need to simply go to Settings -> Notifications -> Pushover. Set the notification center to Off and set the Alert to None if you prefer.

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Regarding Step #1: You might consider replacing the strap with a Wide Body (also funded on Kickstarter)

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